Every age group is filled with lots of training and lots of fun.  We even allow your daughter to cheer in the age group that matches her brothers football team to make it easier for parents.  

U8 CHEER (AGES 4-7)-- This is where our little cheerleaders learn the basics of cheer and have a lot of fun doing so.  We have many Bears cheers, and we add new ones each year.  

U10 CHEER (AGES 8-10)--This is for our intermediate cheerleaders.  These girls are a little more mature and able to handle more advanced cheers.  

U14 CHEER (AGES 11-14)--This is for our most advanced cheerleaders.  This age group has the oldest Bloomingdale cheerleaders, so they are able to take things up a notch.  You don't want to miss the half time shows that these girls put on.