Age Groups for Baseball Program

Age Control Date for Boys is September 1, 2019.

Minis (6, 7, & 8 year old boys)

This age division is a lot of fun and includes a lot of competition.  These little guys hit a real baseball off of a pitching machine that throws the ball at 40 miles per hour.  Pitching machine distance is 46 feet.  Base distance is 60 feet.  They must wear a face mask while batting because we believe in safety first.

Pee Wees (9 & 10 year old boys)

This age group increases the speed of the ball off of the pitching machine to 46 miles per hour and adds stealing bases to the game. Pitching machine distance is 46 feet.  Base distance is 60 feet.  Players must wear a face mask. 

Midgets (11 & 12 year old boys)

This age group moves to kid pitch.  That means no more pitching machine.  This takes baseball one step closer to being just like what you see on television.  And players love the chance to be able to stand on the mound and deliver that STRIKE 3.  Players pitch from 46 feet and base distance is increased to 65 feet.

Juniors (13 and 14 year old boys)

This age group is the real deal.  Players can get rid of the face mask if they want to, even though we recommend keeping them on.  Players can now use big barrel bats.  Players must use BBCOR bats for safety with a drop 3 ration of length to weight.  Players are able to lead off and steal bases.  Players pitch from 54 feet and the base distance is moved to 80 feet.  We have added 15 year olds this year.  They can bat and play any position with the exception of pitching.  

Seniors (15-17 year old boys)

This age group will play in Effingham County.  They play just like the Major leagues.  They pitch from 60' 6" 

and they play with 90 foot bases.  It doesn't get any better than this.  This is the first time this has been offered in 

Bloomingdale.  Try to get signed up early for this league.  We need to know by early February if we will have 

enough for a Bloomingdale team.